• Plug-and-Play LoRaWAN Solutions and End Devices With Skysens Expertise

    Out of box solutions and manufactured hardware by Skysens, which already runs in thousands of projects worldwide with LoRaWAN

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Plug and Play IoT 

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Increase Profit

Increase Efficiency

For your business and industry, IoT solutions can create up to 15% overall operational cost reduction

Smart Actions

Take Smarter Actions

Skysens solutions provide actionable live information from the field for smarter business actions

Eliminate Risks

Eliminate Risks

Especially for service businesses unforeseen risks can be eliminated through Skysens LoRaWAN IoT such as temperature monitoring for food, air quality monitoring for offices and many other projects

Return of Investment

Shortest ROI

With LoRAWAN IoT solution boxes, Skysens ensures best return of investment period with compatible pricing and sharp efficiency increase for the ongoing operations


Skysens harness LPWAN capabilities for various industries and businesses.

With its unique hardware-connectivity-platform vertical integration capabilities it solve today's most challenging digitalization problems without compromising global open ecosystem compatibility.

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Skysens LoRaWAN IoT Platform


 Full Control On A Single Screen

SkyApp makes possible to easily track and monitor all your devices in a single screen and mobile application with userfriendly visiualisation.

Skysens provides SkyApp and Skysens LoRaWAN Network as an integral part for it's solution.

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Proudly LoRAWAN®

Skysens hardware and solution boxes are 100% LoRaWAN compatible.

Skysens has extensive experience on LoRaWAN technology and one of the earliest adopters and hardware supplier for global LoRaWAN ecosystem.

It provided thousands of end devices for global network operators and application owners all over the world with various frequency plans.