• Easy Digitialization with Skysens Wireless Sensor Network

     Skysens creates a sixth sense for your physical environments with smart hardware, specialized wireless network and IoT platform with LoRAWAN compatibility

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Increase Profitability

Equipment conditions, operational errors, inefficienies, energy losses on your operational areas are detected in seconds, minimizing resources and money losses.

Take Smarter Actions

You’ll get detailed data about any incidents or changes in your operations line. Analytical decisions can be taken to maximize the efficiency and profitability

Eliminate Risks

By enable actionable intelligence through Skysens "sixth sense" digitalization, risks can be avoided through intellegent alarms and reports

Zero Secondary Cost

With smart, industrial-grade wireless network, battery powered sensors and easy integration, there is almost "0" sunk cost to project start


Skysens has unique capabilities on industrial IoT space. Its technology can work on large and small enterprises as well as indoor and outdoor areas. Skysens technology includes modular software and hardware layers for different use cases.

With Skysens technology, enterprises can directly monitor different levels of operation and integrate data to multiple platforms seamlessly.

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 Full Control On A Single Screen

SkyApp makes possible to easily track and monitor all your devices in a single screen and mobile application.

With its user-friendly interfaces, SkyApp can show you all the data and  related reports such as energy consumption, machine and equipment working status, location tracking, environmental monitoring, and overall system data gathered from devices.

Instant alarms can be generated as both in platform notification, text message or email if values exceed the predefined or AI based limits.System can also show daily, weekly or monthly readings for efficiency analysis.

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